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Urban Dictionary Names Are Exploding All Over Twitter

The Urban Dictionary has given us a lot of laughs over the years. But what’s been trending lately is the name game. People look up their names to see what they mean.

You know how it is. Someone gets bored and decides to do something that just pops in their head. This time, instead of eating a Tide Pod or setting themselves on fire, they chose something relatively more innocent. They just typed their name into the Urban Dictionary to see if anything came up.

And it went from there. They found their name. So, they tweeted about it. The next thing you know, all the bored people on the internet are looking up their names. That’s how it goes.

And then, the real people come along and give everyone a new perspective…

And then, someone drops the real boom…

That tweet gives us insight into what all the other names are about. The thing about the Urban Dictionary is it’s run by the users. People write their own definitions the way they want. Instead of looking up their own names, they should have been looking up names that would give them a big laugh.


urban dictionary

But Then, Kyle Comes Along…

urban dictionary

Anyone at any time can go on Urban Dictionary and make anything up. If you want to be the awesome Kyle instead of the Monster drinking drywall punching Kyle, go on Urban Dictionary and change your own definition. In fact, I’m going to do it right now and show you how.

I came up with a word on Saturday totally by accident. I was sitting around with some friends of mine and I saw something wrong. It looked like Pu Tasm. By the end of the day, that would evolve into “putasm” and I’m not going to define it right now…


It has been submitted. Now, they have to “review” it. I guess we’ll have to see how long that takes. In the meantime, let’s look at some funny definitions you’ll find at the U.D.

Man Stand – The act of a man standing outside a shop while his wife/girlfriend/partner shops inside. Man Standing involves looking into space, at other women, or in the case of multi-story shopping centers, leaning on the railings of an upper floor watching the people below.

Irish Handcuffs- When a person is carrying an alcoholic beverage in both hands at the same time.

Shexting – texting your friends, loved ones or even your annoying co-workers whilst taking a dump on the porcelain throne.

Clutch Oven – To fart in a car full of people, crank the heat for maximum effectiveness.

And They Finally Have A Name For What I Have

Resting Douche Face – Occurs when a man’s face looks constantly angry or upset. Even when the man is in a good or decent mood, the look on his face says otherwise. In a complete state of relaxation, this man looks like a total douche, based simply on the expression of his face.

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