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Ultimate Traffic Accidents Already In 2017

It seems like any given month compiles some interesting footage of accidents. Sometimes, they’re hard to watch. You cringe as you’re thankful it wasn’t you.

But, 2017 is bringing some interesting accidents that have taken place already. It seems the accidents are on the rise. Just a week ago, HLN was talking about the traffic light compilations that were put together to show people they aren’t paying attention.

Guys are driving right out in the middle of traffic and getting nailed the other way. That’s because their lives are too busy to save themselves. But, 2017 is bringing a whole different beast to the table.

It’s weather conditions that are causing many of the accidents. But as you watch the footage, you’ll find some other things too!

Trying To Get There First


There are people who don’t think at all when they’re driving. They have to cut people off and get there first. Sometimes, that backfires on them.

Blasting Through


Can’t explain everything. Not without an investigation anyway. But, I’d say this guy got distracted. Hate when that happens.

Going For A Close Up


Again, I don’t have all the data here. But, I’d venture to say this guy fell asleep. No one has a death wish like that.

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