What Some Don’t Get About The Trump Impeachment: Not A Political Post

I have to admit that it’s an art to talk about politics without talking about politics. After all, the impeachment was completely political and it would appear that it can’t be discussed without being political. However, I will achieve just that because I believe politics has been embedded in nearly everyone’s psyche so deeply that many people can’t distinguish the difference and it’s the media’s fault as well as the politicians themselves.

They parade their business in front of us on a daily basis when they should be keeping their petty childishness to themselves. Then of course, they manufacture problems that they then come forward with a plan to solve. Some people fall for it every single time. I somehow finally got my head out of my ass somewhere along the line.

The deal with the impeachment is you have to think of it in legal terms. It was performed on a big stage, so that destroys a reasonable perspective of what actually went on. If we think in terms of criminal charges being brought against a citizen, we will be able to see the proceedings on a scale we’re more accustomed.

First of all, think of the impeachment proceedings in the House as a Discovery Hearing. That’s when the prosecutor brings forth evidence and testimony against the defendant so that the judge can decide if there is enough to proceed. The defense doesn’t have to do anything. They don’t refute evidence. They don’t even get a chance to refute evidence. That’s not what the proceeding is for. They don’t have to say anything at all. The defense can simply sit there and listen. The judge hears the evidence and then decides if there is an actual case worth pursuing.

Think of that as what went on in the House. The Republicans didn’t need to dispute any evidence or question any witnesses. The proceedings weren’t about all that. It was merely a moment the Democrats took to decide if they wanted to move forward with the impeachment, which they did decide to do. There was really no shock there. I know some Republicans who got upset, but that’s because their news sources weren’t being very honest with them. It came down to a vote and the Democrats had it.

But then, it was the Republican’s turn. When you think of criminal proceedings again, think of the impeachment trial as any trial. Motions are heard all day. Defense attorneys file motions to suppress evidence. They have witnesses removed after discrediting them. It’s all part of the legal game and that’s what played out in the Senate. But this time again, it came down to the votes and the Republicans had them.

Again, not a shocker. If you didn’t see it coming, your news sources weren’t completely honest about it. Even Samantha Bee joked about being up against 53 Republicans and there wasn’t a chance in hell Trump was going to be removed from office. That’s the legal game and it happens every day in the lower courts. Not one thing different happened in the impeachment proceedings that wasn’t a part of the legal game.

Now see? I stayed away from being political. I didn’t push a political ideology and I didn’t say which side was right. I just gave the facts. That’s how to discuss politics without getting sucked into the political black hole that shoots you out the other end twisted and hyperventilating.

I know some of you won’t feel any better about what happened. But if you’ve ever complained about the courts locking innocent people up and letting the guilty go, then you understand that anything can happen when it comes to the courts and legal proceedings. Supreme Courts change their rulings based on who is sitting in those chairs. In the lower courts, one day people are given slaps on the wrists because the judge is in a good mood and the next, everyone’s getting thrown in jail because his wife didn’t give him any. Most of the time, it only comes down to who has the best lawyer.

If that doesn’t tell you how fluid and inconsistent the law is, I don’t know what to tell you. It certainly isn’t full of solid rules everyone follows all the time. Judges interpret law while telling people it’s their responsibility for knowing the law. It makes no sense and the legal system has their heads so far up their asses, they think it does.

If you got upset with any part of the impeachment proceedings, put your hands behind your head and take ten deep breaths. Go outside and say hello to your neighbors. Those are the things you can control. You can go mad getting upset about things you can’t control.

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