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To Be Clear, MEN Are NOT Offended By The Gillette Commercial

When a man watches the Gillette Commercial, he gets the point. He doesn’t get offended. It’s ridiculous to say that men are getting offended by it. Some people might be offended. But, not men.

Some things to understand about men:

  • Men don’t get offended.
  • Men are challenged by a call of action.
  • Men don’t back down from one.
  • Men don’t sexually assault or harass women.
  • Men don’t bully others.
  • Men don’t get offended.

What needs to be said is that there are some people who did get offended. There are people who have sexually assaulted women, who have bulled others, who back down from a call to action…etc.

There are people who identify as male who are offended by this Gillette Commercial. But, not men. Men are defined by the terms listed above and there is a lot more to us than that.  

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