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Tiffany Haddish Gets Roasted For Her NBA All Star Roast

When Tiffany Haddish hit the stage at the NBA All-Star Roast, first appearances informed that it was going to be a good time. But that’s about as far as the appearances went. Twitter lit up with responses to her roast and she’s the one who got roasted after all.

Here’s Her Set

Now, I saw people laughing. But maybe they were just trying to be nice. It’s a huge show and big names do pop in to watch it. So, everyone’s in a good mood. Plus, I do believe that’s alcohol they are drinking. That has the ability to put everyone in an even better mood. So, the laughs may not have been genuine.

Twitter has definitely let people know what they think of Tiffany Haddish’s roast. Here are a few samples of how hard Twitter has come down on her:

And the jokes just keep rolling in on Twitter. I don’t know what it is about her, but people don’t seem to think she’s funny or even like her. It might have something to do with the fact that she tries to roast people everywhere she goes, whether it’s a roast or not. Here’s an example:

She didn’t get too many laughs with those. Well, some people didn’t know whether to laugh or not. So, they started to smile with that look of shock while others just shook their heads.

Whatever Tiffany has stepped into, she needs to step back out of it. Roasting has its place. It has since it was invented by Dean Martin way back in the day when the roasts targeted the biggest names in Hollywood. Some people would say that’s when a roast was a roast. I would tend to agree for the most part. In recent years, some roasts weren’t even worth the time. Not well put together and definitely nothing interesting to watch.

When the host is too drunk to tell a joke and every joke is an STD-infested ration of the lowest common denominator, that’s when you know you have nothing better to offer. So, you have to step up your game. That’s where Tiffany finds herself and she can turn it around just like anyone else.

If a pedophile director can find love in the Hollywood community, Tiffany can definitely get them all back on her side. I don’t know how. She could dial down the roasts when she’s not actually at a roast or she could try being funny most of the time. After all, she is a comedian and they’re supposed to do that.

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