Thoughts On Donald Trump’s Sexist Remarks He Calls ‘Locker Room Talk’

The hypocrisy has kicked into high gear on the issue of Donald Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ when he said in a private conversation that he could grab a woman and get away with it. Neither side knows how to manage this one because they both shoot from the hip too often rather than just sit down and think for a second. And I’m talking about the campaigns themselves, both Clinton’s and Trump’s, not the supporters.

But to talk about the supporters for a moment, they really don’t know where to go with it either. First of all, Conservative Christians are out of their league in this debate. They think it’s all equal. What Donald Trump said equals:

Grabbing Themselves


That’s the thing! They are grabbing themselves. Everyone does it. We all do it. We are allowed to grab ourselves.

These Acts


Public nudity is okay in certain circumstances. Consensual sex is okay. Vulgar language is okay.

And that right there is the main reason Conservative Christians find themselves way out of their league on this one. It’s not the vulgar language that the liberals are upset with. It’s the threat of sexual misconduct toward a female who does not consent.

But, let’s take a look at the actual statement for a second:

Locker Room Talk

“When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the p***. You can do anything.”

Those are his actual words and he’ll never hear the end of that one. What was he saying? What are the liberals saying he said?

That’s the problem. Donald Trump himself can’t even defend his own words, but the liberals have it all wrong too. He was saying what people could get away with if they were celebrities.

To a certain extent, he was right. But, that’s not something we’re ready to talk about. Celebrities could get away with a lot of things. Donald Trump was using a very extreme example of what a celebrity could get away with doing because not a lot of women would come forward at that time and this was 2005.

Many women at that time didn’t think reporting sexual harassment or sexual assault was worth it. Most didn’t think anything would come of it anyway. Celebrities buy their way out of things and any amount of correction they do get doesn’t compare to the pain and humiliation they put their victims through.

Another conversation people aren’t trying to have is that the #MeToo movement proved Trump was right. How many people fell when the MeToo movement started to gain steam? The infamous case of Harvey Weinstein comes to mind. How many others fell? Larry Nassar will never see the outside of a prison for the rest of his life.

Just sit back and think of all the names that could run through your head of all the people accused and their collective fall from grace. Doesn’t this prove that at that time in 2005, Donald Trump was right? But no one will ever admit it. While he himself has not gone down yet for anything that he may have done, there are certainly a number of celebrities who have.

Something to think about!

Disclaimer: I’m not a Republican nor am I a Democrat. I’m Michael Allen and I’m just trying to put some perspective into the conversation.

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