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Thoughts On ‘A Quiet Place’ Before Watching The Sequel


The quietest movie of the twenty-first century, A Quiet Place starring Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe keeps you guessing. It answers your questions as it goes but the questions keep coming. One of the most unique aspects of the movie is that it drops you right in the middle of the story.

There is no, “The aliens are coming” or “Hey, look at our wonderful lives before they get ripped apart.” Nope. None of that. The movie starts with a little bit of salvaging in an abandoned store and everyone is barefoot, tiptoeing around, hardly even able to whisper. So, they have all learned sign language.

Twenty-Five minutes into the movie before you hear a sound. When Evelyn invites Lee to dance with her, it starts in silence. Then, Evelyn takes a speaker out of one ear and shares it with Lee so that he can hear “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young. It’s a nice moment.

But here’s the thing, the aliens hunt by hearing. They can’t see and I guess, they can’t smell either. They have to be the worst hunters in the universe. But we learn early that when they hear something, they come running quick and they rip a person to shreds. So, it’s a great idea to be as quiet as possible.

Then, we find out that Evelyn is pregnant. I’m not sure how they were able to pull that off, having sex while trying to be quiet? That would have been the most focused and disciplined cooking session ever. No grunting. No moaning. Not one murmur as the big release came. That’s too much. They didn’t put that part in the movie because they didn’t want me laughing at a guy’s red vein-popping face, eyes bulging out of their sockets, while not saying one word.

Then, take that one step further and you have to think about the baby. How are they going to keep that baby quiet? You know it’s going to want to cry. That’s what babies do. They love crying.

But here’s the kicker! Regan and Marcus, two kids getting raised in a dangerous world, and they know how to share a door when they’re fighting for their lives in a silo filled with corn. See that Rose? You selfish b*!(#! Jack could have lived if you had just been as smart or courteous as these kids.

rose jack titanic

Now, I have respect for John Krasinski. I really do. I have been following him since The Office and I’m a huge fan of his Jack Ryan series. But I have to say this. When he yells at the end of the movie to distract the alien from his kids, he sounds like Kermit the Frog. Doesn’t he? I’m just saying.

I loved the movie. It was different because of the lack of sound. I remember thinking at the beginning of the movie that it wasn’t going to work for me. But the movie kept me interested until the end and that ending is worth watching because it definitely lets you know a sequel is coming.

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