This Sucker Punch Right Here Is A Straight Up Punk Move

This girl is becoming famous, but for the wrong reason. She’s a punk who decided she was just going to punch a kid for no reason. That in itself would be wrong. But, this kid is mentally disabled and she knew it.

The thing is that Tayla Aubrey-lee Griffiths knows she did wrong. But trying to do damage control, she admits to more than just being a punk. She has no clue how much her flying mouth is dropping out of it and that’s how it goes. If you don’t think before you act, you have a whole lot of explaining to do. When you go through this world mindlessly, you’ll look stupid every step of the way. That’s exactly what Tayla looks like, stupid as stupid can be.

Before you see the video, I want to show you how stupid Tayla is because that part is the only funny thing about it. First of all, she starts talking about how it was all blown out of proportion. But, let her tell you herself…

sucker punch punk

So, Dean and her talked about it. It’s alright with them. Does she mean the disabled kid she hit? They talked about it and it’s alright with him? Okay! And he was threatening her – remember that part!

sucker punch punk

This is what he looked like after she hit him. The blood just coming. You can see in the video that she’s pretty proud of herself. She walks away looking at her hands with that impressed look on her face. But, wait a minute! Check this out…

sucker punch punk

Did you read that? She says at first that he was threatening her. Then, she says that he asked her to punch him. So, which is it? Was her life threatened or was she simply obliging a request of his?

Either way, it doesn’t matter. She’s a punk and she gets the punk award for being a stupid punk. It looks to me like she wanted to punch him and she hit him twice. Then, she walked away like someone who thinks they’re big and just did something special! What a low life!

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