Major Fail, This Bounty Hunter Went To The Wrong Door While Trying To Track Down A Suspect

This has to be the most elaborate prank I’ve ever seen. But, it wasn’t funny for some people. A 911 call came from inside the house while bounty hunters were outside pounding on the door and yelling.

I’m not sure how much authority bounty hunters have. But, I’m pretty sure they don’t have more authority than the Police Chief. And that’s whose door they were banging on when they thought a suspect was hiding out inside.

I’m pretty sure that if the Police Chief were a suspect, he would probably be the first to know. If he needed to be arrested, he could just arrest himself. Problem solved!

But, these bounty hunters got the wrong information and they went to the wrong house to locate the suspect. That has to be the work of a prankster! There are other explanations like getting the address wrong either from the informant or on the part of the bounty hunters themselves. But the one that makes this whole thing humorous is that they were pranked.

And let me venture another guess, possibly the guy holding the camera! Think about it! A camera just happens to be there to catch the whole thing. Maybe the bounty hunters take cameras to document their actions for legal or training purposes. In this case, they caught themselves doing the wrong thing. They can provide their own evidence on this major mistake, thank you very much!

It reminds me of the time a girl updated her Facebook status wanting some weed. Some prankster came along and gave her the number of the police station. Ask for Josh! I wonder if she ever made that call . . .

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