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There Is A Thing Called A ‘Horror Frog’ And It Is As Wicked As It Sounds

Just when you think you’ve heard it or seen it all, along comes the “Horror Frog.” It’s also known as the Hairy Frog or Wolverine Frog. When you learn more about it, you’ll understand why I think Wolverine Frog is the best name for it.

He looks like he’s about ready to jam on stage. He’s like some kind of punk rocker with his long hair doing the Hairy Frog. But this guy has issues. He’s not some nice little frog you think he is.

This guy has a wicked habit. If he’s encountered and he knows he has to fight his way out of it, he will break his bones and stick them through his skin to attack his opponents with his newly made claws. That is as vicious as it gets.

People can talk about how bad they are but if you don’t break your bones and stick them through your skin to make claws, you’re not as bad as the Wolverine. Now you get why I call this guy the Wolverine Frog. And here’s some new information for you. They will attack humans.

I don’t know if they’re aggressive or just protective. But can you imagine sitting in the yard enjoying a tea on a Sunday and all of a sudden, Chucky the Frog is attacking your neck with a claw made from his broken bone? It would make a great scene for a horror story but not so good in real life.

Can you imagine explaining where you got the cuts from? I was sitting in my yard minding my own business and I got attacked by a frog. I think every single one of your friends would look at you weird and want you to be psychologically evaluated.

Look at this thing. Can you see the broken bone sticking through? That’s vicious. On a scale of 1 to 100, how vicious is that? It’s savage as Genghis Khan.

horror frog

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