The Uproar About the Mosque

mosque The latest story to hit the news these days is about the plans that are in place to build a mosque a few blocks away from Ground Zero.  I can understand the sensitivity of the issue.  But, I think some people have blown it out of proportion.

The most extreme example:

Newt Gingrich made the statement that if we allow the mosque to be built near Ground Zero, that would be like allowing Nazi’s to build a center near a Holocaust museum.  Wow!

Get a grip.  Not even close.

The correct comparison to make would be if we would allow Christians to build a church near a Holocaust museum.

I don’t think any Jew would have a problem with that although they would have a problem with a Nazi center.  Not all Muslims are the Taliban.  Not all Muslims are terrorists.  Not all Christians are Nazis.  We all, every religion, have extremists who blow up abortion clinics, stone couples charged with adultery,  or fly planes into buildings.  But we all, every religion, also have a civil mainstream community that makes up the majority, a huge majority.

Building a mosque a few blocks away from Ground Zero is most likely not intended to offend the American people.  There are quite a few Muslims who are also American.  Muslims may only make up .6% of our population.  But out of 310 million as of July 2010, that’s about 186,000 Muslims.  One thing you might be forgetting is that Muslims also died in 9/11. 

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