The Touching Story Of A Kitten Who Befriends An Abused Dog

Pixar has nailed it again. They do great work when they use their creative imaginations and mix that with their awesome ability to animate. I love seeing anything Pixar. So, I had to check out their new short filmĀ Kitbull. It’s about an unlikely friendship between what is commonly thought of as mortal enemies, a myth that has existed since the beginning of time.

But the animal kingdom seems to surprise us all the time. For instance, when do a little cheetah and a skunk just hang out like this?

weird animal friends
How often does a lion befriend a little Weiner dog?

weird animal friends
What’s up with a monkey acting like a baby tiger’s big brother?

weird animal friends
Then, there are these guys…

weird animal friends
And this right here is just plain nuts!

weird animal friends

So, this story you are about to see isn’t all that crazy. It happens and it can happen again. Just get ready! You might need some tissues to get through it.


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