The Strange Phenomenon In Deaths From The Coronavirus

Why does the news constantly report a spike in Coronavirus cases but fails to mention that the deaths are consistently going down? I would say that’s the good news about the pandemic. We’ve been able to manage it.

We do have a spike in cases. The Worldometer has been an invaluable source of up to date information about the coronavirus. The cases are spiking and that can’t be denied.


But the deaths are going down and that’s not something you see the news covering.


If there was ever a time that the media could be giving us some good news, now’s the time. We’ve learned enough about the virus to keep more people alive. Isn’t that a good thing? We’ve learned how to survive it and we will continue to save more lives.

I have a cousin who is a nurse and volunteered to help out at the Elmhurst Hospital in New York. But he posted the other day that he only has a few shifts left before he can go back home. They don’t need him anymore. That makes a strong statement about where we are with this virus, doesn’t it?

But the news would rather focus on the spike in cases and constantly blame it on Trump. His rally in Tulsa is “more than likely” the reason for the spike in cases. Not the protests or the lightening up of our lockdown conditions. Opening up more businesses and vacation spots had nothing to do with it. It was that one Trump rally that the news first reported had a very low outcome. Hardly anyone attended it.


But tens of thousands of people hit the beaches when they opened. Spring break was on and the bars were packed. People partied without masks all over the place. Not to mention the many protests although they did seem to practice better mask discipline.

But no, it was Trump’s Tulsa rally…

I just want one time in all of this to get the straight scoop and for the focus to be put where it’s supposed to be. Yes, more people are getting sick but many more people are recovering and far less are dying. Isn’t that good news?


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How I Survived The Coronavirus

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