The Site That Completely Did Not Deliver

Taylor CheerleaderMost annoying site ever! I see a link to an article that looks interesting, so I click it. I’m reading the second sentence and a huge advertisement takes over the site.

I’m not talking about a little popup. The site switched into a huge advertisement. So I look for the X in the upper right hand corner and when I hover my mouse over it, the X moves. Damn thing was playing hide and seek with me!

So, I find it again and hover my mouse over it. But, this time I’m wondering if it’s a link to a site, a place I don’t want to go, a place I know nothing about. I decide to take the risk. It actually makes the advertisement go away.

But then, my attention turns to the sidebar where a list of other articles are. One of them is about the 25 Hottest Cheerleaders in the NFL, which is something I might find interesting. But, the site is jerking around while it’s taking its time downloading and the link to the article all of a sudden completely disappears. Where did it go? What the hell? Hasn’t this site put me through enough?

So, I decide to just put my mind on what I came for in the first place. That’s when I realize the title of the article is a little different than what it originally was. The difference is slight, but it means the article isn’t at all about what I thought. And I know they did that on purpose!

I did finally find that cheerleader article. They were hot! Taylor of the Washington Redskins definitely gets two thumbs up and a snap around the world from me!

Oh, here, if you want to check out 25 of the Hottest Cheerleaders in the NFL

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