The Sickest Video You’ll See Today For All Of You Into That Sort Of Thing

Wait for it! You are about to witness the freakiest thing you’ll see all day…

It scratches an itch we can’t reach. We’re weird like that. But, we like seeing sick stuff and we’re not apologizing for it.

How much fear do you have of something getting in your ear? Not just anything, but a small creature that can live in your ear. It can dine in your ear. It can have babies in your ear.

That’s what you’re about to see. It will freak you out. But, I don’t want to ruin it for you or I would start telling you why this particular video of a worm in someone’s ear is so freaky. Just trust me. It is.

I can’t believe this video came out in 2016 and I’m just getting around to seeing it now. SHARE it with all your freaky friends who love sick stuff like this. It will make their day.

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