The Secrets Of ‘The Blacklist’ And We’re Going To Take A Look Inside

Here we are in Season 8 of The Blacklist and it seems we are finally going to get some answers. Not the answers we’ve been given, answers that obviously have thrown us off and kept us guessing, but real answers. It seems Reddington has taken Keen to the center of the universe where life was created and all things were put into motion.

In true The Blacklist fashion, another layer is being peeled away from this secret world. A big reveal of the biggest reveal, we are going to step into the core of a network that exists underground. How iconic is that? The underground of the underground. The epicenter of the center. The headquarters of the…no, that one doesn’t work. But you get the point. And what are we going to find there?

I have some guesses:

Keen’s mother isn’t dead. What if that’s true? Outside of this new secret place, Reddington tells Keen to forget all that she thinks she knows. He utters the words that her mother was not killed. Of course, we all should know by now that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s alive, just that she wasn’t killed.

I remember that episode. There was no body. What did Keen actually see? It could have all been perfectly orchestrated to manipulate Keen into making the decisions she’s made. Think about a perfectly orchestrated plan to smoke out the enemy.

In that case, there could be others beyond those doors who seemed to have died but didn’t. Who would you like to be alive right now? Tom Keen? Mr. Kaplan? How many games have been played on us to make us believe that we know where we are in this story?

Just remember the words Reddington told Keen before opening those doors, “Forget everything you think you know.” I think he was telling us to do that too. But there is a really weird turn to all this…

The next episode won’t be next Friday. It appears we have to wait until Wednesday, the 16th for episode 21 – “When Reddington takes Liz to the mysterious epicenter of his empire, their shared past reveals itself and long-buried secrets are divulged.” Then, we have to wait until the following Wednesday, the 23rd for the finale. What’s with that change? And what’s with all the secrecy about the upcoming episodes? It’s as if they are treating those episodes as confidential as this entire world they have us sucked up into.

But here’s some good news, The Blacklist will have a Season 9. So just when you start thinking this is it, they up and sign for a whole new season. Where can they go from here? It would appear the team will get dismantled as soon as Keen is in custody again.

Cooper is trying to get Keen the same deal Reddington has. But Panabaker proceeds to inform him that the task force is all but done. The decision has been made. The time is coming.

I have a prediction. Panabaker is Townsend’s inside. We’ll have to see. I’m aware that a few masterful screenshots in perfect timing might be leading me to believe that and that’s how viewers can be thrown off their own scent. But, I would love it if she was the bad guy. I’d love to see her in handcuffs and hear her told that she has the right to remain silent…

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