The Robert Mueller Testimony Shows Us Everything We Need To Know About Ourselves

Why does it depend on who you ask, you get completely different answers for whether Robert Mueller’s testimony was a success or fail?

The Robert Mueller testimony shows us everything we need to know about ourselves, and some people just won’t get it…

A USA Today‘s headline reads, “What we learned from Robert Mueller: Seven hours, zero bombshells and everyone declares victory

From the article: “Mueller seemed to leave lawmakers from both sides frustrated.”


“And when it was over, everyone declared victory.”

Were they frustrated or did they win? Even HLN was saying this morning that it’s like there are two different testimonies. It depends on who you are, that’s how you see it.

It’s all about perspective. Democrats and Republicans have reached a point where they want two completely opposite things. They are no longer trying to go down the road two different ways or want similar things, but have different ideas of how to get there. They are now polar opposites of each other. Their views on what’s going on in Washington are dictated by those two extreme perspectives.

So if you’ve ever wondered why the Democrats can say Trump is the worst president ever while Republicans are saying he’s doing a great job, think about it. From their own perspectives, they’re both right. They look at the world two completely different ways and they base success on two completely different sets of criteria.

And now, here’s a picture of adorable puppies to get you to stop and read what I have to say…

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