The Most Important Parts of a Conversation Are Often Missed By Interruption

I think more and more people are forgetting how to be courteous in a conversation and just interrupt whenever they feel the desire to talk. Sometimes I get interrupted before I get to the most important part of the sentence, which I often put at the end. Call me crazy, but that’s part of my organizational skills.

I’ve been noticing this for a while and I’ve even been taking note not to do it myself, even when a person is rambling on endlessly, repeating themselves over and over, which I often think are doing it on purpose. I seriously think some people have to be doing it on purpose! Because, there is no way a person could be that annoying and not know it!

My recent conversation was from a university that called me. The back story, I filled in an online form to get information about a college grant for people who might be considering returning to college. A day later and I had received exactly nineteen phone calls from the same four institutions.

“First of all Mr. Allen, I would like to inform you that this conversation is being recorded for quality purposes. What degree were you interested in sir?”

“I’m so glad you are recording this conversation because since yesterday I’ve received like a hundred phone calls and I’ve…”

That’s where I was interrupted. I went on to say, “…lost interest entirely!”

But the lady who interrupted me was saying, “Yes, we have a very aggressive recruiting team and we are very interested in you. I see here that you have a degree, is that right sir?”

I chose a more authoritative voice to reiterate, “Just before you interrupted me, I was saying I’ve lost interest entirely!”

And with that, I ended the phone call! I know! I was very rude! I’m working on it…

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