The Infamous Beard and Mustache Competition

CompetitionThere’s a National Beard and Mustache Championship! …a National Beard and Mustache Championship!

Earlier this week, I heard about the Bathroom Contest. The Air Guitar Competition has always hit a particularly funny chord with me. The World Burping Championship is such a gas. And now, people are competing about growing hair on their face.

I am desperately trying to come up with a punchline. But sadly for every joke I try to tell, a competition actually exists.

Seriously, you can get 10K for farting. Someone holds the trophy for Midget Throwing, otherwise known as Dwarf Tossing. Extreme Ironing is not a joke. Worm Charming is a very real thing.

I thought I finally found one when “Spitting” suddenly hit me. But no, they have that in either Watermelon Seed, Cheery Pit or Tobacco.

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