The Hobby Lobby Hypocrisy

birth controlI’ve learned some interesting facts about Hobby Lobby since the Supreme Court decision was splashed all over the media. These are some interesting facts I have found…

1. Hobby Lobby does not object to 16 of the 20 forms of contraception mandated by Obamacare.
2. The 4 that it does object to are considered “end of life” drugs. Rather than stopping a person from getting pregnant, these drugs end a life already conceived.
3. None of the employees are complaining. This suit was not brought to the Supreme Court by any of the employees who work for Hobby Lobby.
4. They have their own minimum wage which was recently raised to $14 per hour, exceeding the national minimum wage by 93%.

For those arguing that Hobby Lobby is being hypocritical in covering vasectomies and erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, keep in mind that a vasectomy keeps a male from getting a female pregnant and like I already said, Hobby Lobby doesn’t have a problem providing those kinds of contraceptives to females either. And Viagra helps a male get a female pregnant, so that’s a whole procreation thing.

Hypocrisy is everywhere! If you don’t think it through, you’ll miss it.

The fact in this case is that people are protesting that Hobby Lobby imposes their way of life on its employees. So in response, they would rather impose their way of life on Hobby Lobby’s employees.

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