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The Gorilla Glue Girl Tessica Brown Just Got Easier For Me To Understand

Of course, there have been other Gorilla Glue incidences in the news lately that have me scratching my head. But Tessica Brown’s dilemma is a little easier to understand after looking further into what she did.

It hit the headlines a few weeks ago when Tessica went on TikTok to tell people what she did and to warn others. When I watched her video, I scratched my head as she explained that she had used Gorilla Glue as a replacement for hairspray because she had run out. I watched in amazement as she demonstrated how her hair was severely stuck and explained how it had been that way for about a month. She had tried everything from shampoo to conditioner and other methods from advice she had been given, but nothing worked.

So, I posted about it:


Since then, there has been no excuse for the two incidences that I know of that followed. One guy by the name of Len Martin didn’t believe her. So, he glued his lip to a cup and had to be rushed to the ER.

In another follow-up incident, Avani Reyes also used Gorilla Glue in her hair. She said she accidentally did it too. But I find it hard to believe since Tessica Brown’s story was all over the internet by that time. And yet, Avani created a GoFundMe account too and was getting money just like Tessica.

In fact, Tessica has received a phenomenal amount of donations for her predicament:

gorilla glue girl

That’s a lot of love from people and it shows how even though someone can make such a mistake, people are very forgiving and willing to help. Looking into her GoFundMe, I learned something though. In her explanation, she mentioned that she usually uses a product called Got2b Glued hairspray:

Got2b Glued Hairspray from Amazon!

gorilla glue girl

That’s when I thought, I could probably get those products confused. Got2b Glued versus Gorilla Glue would probably be a mistake I would make if I had hair to deal with. I’ve mistaken salt for sugar before and I’ve gotten WD-40 mistaken for bug spray. I could easily get the two mixed up.

Of course, Tessica ran out of hairspray and decided to use the Gorilla Glue in its place. But, that’s also something I would probably do. I can’t say I wouldn’t. I would look at the word Glue in the hairspray product and then look at that word in the adhesive. If I had run out of the hairspray, it would have me thinking, “What could it hurt?” I mean, how good can an adhesive be?

Well, now we know. If there is anything we’ve gotten out of all this, Gorilla Glue is no joke. It’s the kind of adhesive you can put in your hair and nothing will break down its adhesive qualities even after a month of trying all kinds of remedies. Nothing! Not a thing! Gorilla Glue’s stocks have probably gone through the roof after all this.

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