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The Good Ol’ Hail Mary Alive And Well In Kutztown, PA

The Hail Mary does it again…

“There I was, behind by four in the final seconds of the game. The play almost fell apart, but…”

Doesn’t that sound like a story that a quarterback or a wide receiver will be talking about for the rest of his life?

“Hey Tyson, tell that story again how you won against Kutztown in the final seconds of the Quarterfinals!”

And it deserves it. It’s a great story that ends beautifully. The Hail Mary has gotten more teams out of last-second trouble than any other play. Of course, Mahomes can pull them out of his derriere on the run. And Brady can throw a bullet right into a receiver’s hands from 50 yards away.

Put the young GOAT and the legendary GOAT aside for a second and let’s talk football. The Hail Mary wouldn’t exist and wouldn’t keep being played if it didn’t work from time to time. It’s the last hope. Throw the ball with hope and pray it comes down in your guy’s hands. That’s the best you can do and it’s the last resort.

The Shepherd Magical Hail Mary

And that’s how it’s done, folks! You throw it with all you have. Receivers collect at the same spot in the endzone and jump for the ball. Fight for it. Kick and scream if you have to, but come down with it. That’s the objective.

“Hail Mary” is so popular in football that it has become a word for other things. Whenever someone is up against the impossible with little time left, it’s Hail Mary time. Give it all you have and come down with the win!

It’s a good life lesson too! It means, you can always win. Even when you think the game is over and you have to do the impossible to turn it around, the Hail Mary teaches you that you can do that.

Kutztown, Pa: Shepherd – 30 vs Kutztown – 28

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