The Fun Way To Make Use Of Plastic You Are About To Throw Away

Recycling is obviously still an issue. Can’t believe recycling has been available for many, many years and people just don’t do it. Heaps of trash pack landfills and they just get more and more full.

But, what if it were fun? What if you actually got something useful out of it that you can see?

That’s the problem sometimes. People don’t get to see the benefits of recycling. When they do it, the plastic bottle goes off somewhere and they feel like they did something. But, they have no evidence.

Some people just don’t think they make that big of an impact on the world. So, they keep doing what they’re doing because they’re contribution to waste and pollution is so small. But have you heard the old African Proverb, how does an ant eat an elephant? The answer is one bite at a time.

The thing is that the proverb applies to both good and bad things. How does one person make an impact on the world? One thing at a time.

How does a person make a negative impact on the world? One piece of trash at a time.

But, then again…

How does a person make a positive impact on the world? Recycling one thing at a time.

These ideas in this video are really awesome. You’ll want to try them on your own. The thing is that it doesn’t stop there. These are just ideas. You can use your own imagination and come up with your own ideas. If you want something, think about using plastic to make it before you go out and buy something.

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