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The Diamond In The Rough Of The 2002 TV Fail ‘Ocean Ave’

If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan of Megan Fox. I have this thing if you’ve been reading my articles where if I’m a fan, I look up all their work on IMDB and watch what I can. I have several of the streaming platforms but not all of them so some things I have to let go and move forward.

When I was going through Megan’s work, I came across a real gem. By gem, I mean it was horrible and I’ll tell you why. It’s called Ocean Ave., the Soap Opera time forgot.

First of all, when I saw that Megan was in over a hundred episodes and that she was in Episode #1.1, I thought I had a new series to binge. The thing was, they were hard to find and I don’t know why. Most of them, if not all, are on Youtube. When I learned that, I started with the first episode. If she was in Episode #1.1, you’d think she would be in the first episode, right?

Seven minutes into it and I still hadn’t seen her yet. That’s about the time I started to get very critical of the show. Didn’t they know who they had? Why wouldn’t she be in the first seven minutes at least?

That’s When I Saw This Scene…

I don’t know what that scene means to me or to the show. Two guys playing guitar when a lady checks in on them. They’re playing the same four chords acting like they’re jamming. If you’re starting to see where I’m going with this, let’s move on…

Then This Scene Was Next…

When the lady looks in on someone else, they start talking in Swedish. No captions to let me know what they’re saying. Don’t they know I don’t know this language? I have no idea what they’re saying.

I don’t have a problem with shows or movies in a different language. Of course, they’re all over the world. But if it starts in English and then switches to another language, can they put some captions so I know what they’re talking about? Okay, moving on.

I put the video in double time mode just to see if Megan Fox was even in the episode. It turns out that she’s not. That’s when I started thinking, did they use her name just to get people to watch it? That would be real shady if they did.

So, I started using Google to find out. “Megan Fox in Ocean Ave.” When a few pictures came up, snapshots of her in the show, I realized that she was in fact in the show. One of the snapshots took me to the episode on Youtube so I could see her at the ripe young age of about 17.

Megan Fox Is In The Show

If you like cheesy soaps, you will love this. Some people have an affinity for those types of films. The worse the better. So, enjoy! Now you know a show you just might want to pop some popcorn, share with your friends, and enjoy the absolute awfulness of bad acting and I’m sure there was some kind of plot in there somewhere. I just couldn’t put myself through any more of it.

The funny thing about it is, there were other stars in it as well. This might be the show where they all got their start. If you watch it, you might have fun picking out other stars that were cast for the “Soap Time Forgot.”

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