The Cop Killer Is Gone

dontae-morris I’m not an expert on this and I have no insider knowledge.  But, I can pretty much bet Dontae Morris is gone.  He slipped through the cracks somehow.

I have a very logical conclusion to why I think  so.  The bounty is $100,000.  There aren’t too many people who could pass up on that kind of money.

His own mother would probably sneak off to the bathroom to make a quiet 911 phone call.

“Hello.  Hello.  Is this 911?  Good!  You know that cop killer you guys are looking for, Dontae Morris?  Yeah, he’s in my living room.  Come get him.  Now, make sure you make the check out to Mrs. Morris.  That’s M-O-R-R-I-S.”

“Sorry baby, but I need to pay my bills and I have my eye on a nice new car I saw last week.”

So I’m pretty sure if someone hasn’t given him up by now, that he’s on his way to destinations unknown and it’s in his best interest to get out of the country if he can.  But, I’m not even sure that would be safe for him.

I can’t be sure, but I would hope that no law enforcement agency in America would harbor him.  By that, I mean that most states try to work together.  But, there are times when they won’t bend over backwards.

If a guy from Maryland gets pulled over in Florida and thrown in jail, it is a policy of most law enforcement agencies to run a check across the country.  If a warrant comes up out of Maryland, they are notified.  But, it’s up to Maryland to come get him.

I’m thinking in this case that most law enforcement agencies, if not all, would absolutely make sure that Dontae was returned to Tampa, Florida and in a most expeditious manner.  Going a step further, I’m not sure there’s another country that would allow Dontae to stay unless, of course, they are enemies of America.  But even then, most law enforcement individuals, friend or foe, would look at Dontae with disdain and might even, on that basis alone, insure that justice is served.

Officer Jeffery Kocab – KIA June 29, 2010

Officer David Curtis – KIA June 29, 2010


To Officer Kocab and Officer Curtis, you served your uniforms proudly and made the ultimate sacrifice.  Please accept these words of appreciation on behalf of a grateful nation. 

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