The Conundrum of the American Legal System

I remember once saying that it takes two lawyers and a judge to decide what they expect us to know instantly, in real time. But, that thought has recently developed to go even deeper. I can prove that our legal system is never consistent and it fails to provide a fair and effective system of law.

We The People should be able to appreciate a clear and effective system of law!

Judge Judy has been kicking ass and taking names in her reality court show since 1996. No one would ever question her judgment, least of all me. But, now comes Hot Bench. What’s the premise? Three judges rule over a case.

So, I’m going to make some assumptions after only watching one trailer. The case is heard. The three judges deliberate and then a decision is handed down to the litigants.

Think about this as well! The Supreme Court deliberates and then hands down their decisions on tough American cases. In fact every time there is more than one judge making a decision on a case and they have a disagreement they have to deliberate, it proves my case.

If law is consistent, then why do we ever need more than one judge? If there are different opinions about the same court case, law is not consistent. If different judges have different opinions about a case, how in the world can they expect the individuals responsible for following the law to actually know what to follow?

If I like certain types of judges, can I just follow their law?

Then, there’s the political aspect. If the Supreme Court is liberal, they hand down liberal decisions. If it’s conservative, they hand down conservative decisions. So, our law gets twisted by whatever political agenda is on the bench.

Of course, there’s the whole money thing. If I have enough money to hire a lawyer who is so good he makes magic happen, I can get away with murder. But if I need to get a public defender and he’s not on that day or I’m a chip he’s using to win a case for one of his paying customers, an innocent man goes to prison.

How about when a lady fired a pistol inside the city limits, she got twenty years in prison? But, a guy who killed a kid roams free.

If any part of our law were consistent, we’d be able to look up the offense, check off the criteria for guilt, assign the sentence and everyone gets treated the same because justice is blind right? Are you sure she doesn’t peak under her blind and make decisions based on what you have, who you are and who you know?

I think she does…just a little bit!

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