The Art of Propaganda Just Like the Nazis Did

The art of propaganda is alive and well. In fact, both parties are taking notes from the Nazis and learning how to manipulate The People with lies. In this case, it’s the twisted truth.

As a veteran, I felt my blood boil when I learned about a fellow veteran at the University of Wyoming who had been banned from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. In a short description of the case, it stated that he was banned so that it would not offend Two International Students. I had not read all the details yet and already I was seeing red.

I thought of being in the classroom and looking at those two international students. I thought of myself saying to them, “Are you offended by being here? Are you offended to be in America?”

I thought of myself reciting the Pledge of Allegiance right in front of them and challenging anyone to stop me. Then, I thought of giving that class a lecture on what it is to be an American. If that class would only give me that moment…

Being American is not about waving a flag. It’s not about serving in the military. It’s not about being Christian, buying American and thinking we’re better than the rest of the entire world. But, it is about fighting for who we are and what we want. It always has been from day one.

We kicked the British off of our streets because we were tired of them coming in our houses, eating our food and arresting people with no probable cause. That’s where it began and that’s the principle Rosa Parks used when she sat at the front of the bus. That’s the principle the Iron Jawed Angels used when they fought for the right to vote.

That’s what it is to be an American. Sometimes, it’s not pretty what America had to go through to become what it is today. And I can guarantee you that it won’t get any prettier to go through what we have to go through just to get to tomorrow.

But, here’s something to think about! If you are offended to be here, no one is holding you back from leaving!

In my mind, the classroom gave me a standing ovation. When I looked up, I saw the two international students nodding their heads in agreement. One even smiled.

But, that was not the case at all! The veteran had not been banned from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. He can do it all day long if he wishes. The fact of the case is he was trying to force it on other students before student government meetings. That’s a whole different issue.

If you’re not American, you don’t have to pledge allegiance to my flag. I find it ridiculous to try to impose that!

The student government body has documents in place that govern their meetings. Those meetings do not include rising and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of their meetings. To make that happen, a member has to submit a bill and then I would imagine a vote takes place. Go through the process!

So to review, the article I read that had my blood boiling just from the headline said that the veteran was banned from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. But, in all actuality he was told he couldn’t force anyone else to recite the pledge.

Propaganda 101!

I normally look for other sources of a story before I allow myself to form an opinion, even though technically I’m forming one from the onset. Also, I keep my mind in check. People always wonder why it takes so long for me to answer a question. They snap their answers out there before the question is even finished being asked and they don’t have the patience for a guy like me to take an extra five seconds to digest what I actually think.

I think before I answer because I keep my mind in check. I think before I write articles because I want my words to be exactly what I mean to say. Even though I’m not responsible for the hundred different ways they can be taken and the thousands of twisted meanings that can be extended by inference, I make sure that my words mean what I meant to say. Those are words I can defend!

Guard your minds! There is too much of this sort of twisted thinking taking place every day…not just on one side, but from both!

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