That’s Just The Way My Face Is

People have asked me often why I don’t smile. They think I’m always mad or sad. But, I’m just not inclined to smile. It’s just my face.

I have never been so inclined. I listen to the statistics that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile and I have to question those results. Whose face are they using to do these tests?

I feel natural when my face is at rest. Smiling actually takes more muscles. In fact, I can feel my face when I smile. If I smile too much, I actually get cramps in my face. I have to smack my cheeks and drink salt water to stop the cramps.

One day, my face got stuck in place. Tears were rolling out of my eyes until the muscles finally let go. Of course, I’m exaggerating. That’s what I do!

The great thing to all of this is I am not alone. I just learned about other people who suffer from the same affliction. They made a video to spread awareness and I would love to share that with you now. The more you know…


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