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A Convicted Terrorist Wins Human Rights Case

Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people in cold blood. He is marked as a terrorist. But, he is only serving 21 years in prison because that’s the max Norway will allow. Personally, they should have charged him separately for each murder and that might have been a way to do justice for the many people who died that day and the families who lost loved ones.

But, the kicker is that he has won his human rights case. He claimed that his rights have been violated during his stay in prison. They have placed him in solitary confinement and Breivik claims the authorities are violating the European Convention on Human Rights. The lawsuit stipulates that “he has been cut off from the rest of the world.”

In the past, he has also complained that his coffee was too cold and that he didn’t have any moisturizer.

The argument goes that the civil world must remain civil. To treat a terrorist in captivity with punishment and torture is to show them we are no better and have no right to demand change and peace.

While that is true, it is ridiculous of Breivik to think he deserves better treatment than what he has been given. He is in a luxurious prison called Skien. Remember, this is in Norway.

He lives in a cell that looks like a college dorm

his cell
He has a different one for studying and a different one for exercising. He can play video games, watch television, and he has a computer. He just doesn’t have any internet access.

His Inhumane Treatment

This is a terrorist who took the lives of 77 people complaining about the inhumane treatment of cutting him off from the rest of the world. This is the mentality of a man who took lives for no reason, now hides behind the law and uses it for his purpose. Being a terrorist is a protest to governments, people’s way of life, the systems they put in place, including their legal system and yet, here he is using it now because through it, he can make life better for himself.

Once a terrorist has been convicted in a court of law after having been given due process, they should immediately be terminated. They should have no more rights to anything. You can’t take rights away from people and then expect to keep them yourself.

But, this is Norway. I do not have any say over how Norway does things. I can just see something like this happening in America and it’s pretty disturbing to think that a terrorist like this might get better treatment in prison than a guy who is there for driving on a suspended license or who got into a bar fight.

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