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Terrible Selfies That Went Way Wrong

There are some real characters in this world. I’ve met my share. In fact, some people think I am one. So, I proudly join the race.

But, selfies? That’s not a thing for me. I do take a picture every once in a while. But, that’s just to keep my porn site profiles updated, “Crazy Out Of Shape Guys Losing Their” Look it up! Do me a favor, if you look it up and it actually exists, let me know. We’ll have some fun with that one.

So, selfies, me, not so much. But, these people are really into themselves. There are two things that goes on in these selfies. One, some people don’t understand the internet. They think they person they are sending these pictures to are the only people who are going to see them. Wrong! If it’s funny, it makes its way around to everyone.

The other thing is people aren’t too aware of their surroundings when they take a picture. Some people don’t care. Some people don’t notice. But, it leads to some hilariously sad situations.

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