This Is How You Handle A Telemarketer: Warning – It’s Hilarious

When you get a call from a telemarketer, they have one thing on their mind. They want to make a sale. Sometimes, they have no care in the world for what you are trying to tell them. They just want to make that sale.

I was just shot!
Can I get your credit card number?
They are holding me hostage!
So, how about that credit card number?
My house is on fire!
Where do we stand on getting that credit card number?

That’s how they are. They don’t care about what time they are calling you or if you are in the middle of something.

I’m busy right now.
This will only take a second.
No, I’m literally right in the middle of something.
Well actually, that’s what I’m calling about. I’m calling to make your life a whole lot easier.
Are you serious right now?

So, what happens when the table is turned against them? Check out this telemarketer! Watch him still ask for that credit card number even after what he just heard…

How Much Does A Telemarketer Care?

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