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People Doing Stupid Things And Catching It On Film For The Rest Of Us To Watch

Some people are born with no common sense at all. How they survive to become Youtube stars is a mystery. They are the kind to walk up to a firecracker after they’ve lit it, then watch their hand blow up. Even worse, they are the ones who do it for the Youtube likes.

They watch their friend blow his hand up and then post it for the million views. That’s what life is these days, “Hold on. Before I call 911, let me post this on Facebook.”

Have you ever seen a mother more interested in recording than caring about the danger her son was in? There is plenty of footage like that. A giraffe could be about to swallow their kid’s head but get that shot, “Look at what great footage I got. Oh, my son’s fine. Don’t worry about him. We rushed him to the hospital and they sewed his head back on. It’s all good!”

Here is some of the best footage of people doing stupid stuff. You’ll roll all the way through and you just might have to watch it again.

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