Student Gets Pics From Hot Professor And Is Offered Awesome Benefits

Imagine sitting in class one day and all of a sudden you get an unexpected text. They aren’t the best things to get all the time. But, this one was a little different.

hot professor
This lucky guy gets a picture like this. Who wouldn’t say, “Yes!” Send me all you have!
boob job
Sent to the wrong number. How do people keep doing that? It’s Texting 101: Things you don’t do.
criminal minds
So, that’s how he got the A! When he said “One more thing…” and she said “Anything,” I might have had a whole different conversation with her. But hey, it’s always good to tell someone how awesome they are.
online classes
And he shows the proof! She followed through with it. But, I wish he hadn’t blacked out her name. I’d be looking her up about right now.
Give the guy his props! He deserves it!

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Michael Allen is the author of A River in the Ocean, the heartwarming story of a single father who is separated from his daughter when an awful accident nearly takes his life. He comes out of his coma with amnesia, but something keeps pulling him to find what's missing in his life. He didn't know he was looking and she didn't know she needed found. Available now at Amazon!

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A River in the Ocean

Michael Allen A River in the Ocean
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A River in The Ocean is the story of a father and a daughter who get separated by a tragic accident. The father wakes up from a coma unaware he has a daughter while she has been raised for years by an odd couple who have great intentions, but no idea what they are doing. He begins to feel something is missing in his life while she begins to feel she is out of place. He didn’t know he was looking and she didn’t know she needed found.

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