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Snake Gets Owned By A Mink, A Cute Little Mink…

You should have seen it. It was the stuff that dreams are made of. The mink and the snake were toe to toe. An epic battle was about to go down.

As the two squared off, all eyes in the woods were on them. Who was going to come out the victor? Odds were on the snake.

The snake’s manager started going around the woods taking bets. He was so sure the snake was going to win that he was giving pretty good odds. But nothing was about to deter the mink. He has the right to live too. The thing is that this is the law of the jungle. You don’t just get the right to live. You have to fight for the right to live.

And then there was one…

Nature can produce some pretty cold, harsh scenes. This is what separates us from animals and in some ways, that’s not a good thing. The laws of nature aren’t the same as those of humans, but they’re pretty clear in the wild. The Wild West was the last time we were even close to being more like The Wild.

If a fight occurred and two people drew their guns, it was a legal fight. The sheriff might take the guns into custody until the case was heard before a judge. But a gunman could easily walk away from killing a man in the middle of the streets with his pistol if he was able to say that they both drew, they were both armed, and they both were aware of what was about to go down.

Now, that’s not necessarily how nature works. It’s legal for a predator to sneak up on its prey and get it from behind, or from underneath, or from the sky. What I love most about nature is it has some weird outcomes though. Like a snake getting owned by a mink, you have to love the way nature works sometimes.

Harsh Realities of Nature

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