Small Solutions Make the Biggest Impact

ITALY FREEING SEX SLAVES There is a new initiative to take prostitutes off the streets.  Instead of throwing them in jail for a night or a week and then sending them back out to the same world where they came from, Dallas Police are offering rehab.  If prostitutes choose rehab, they can avoid a jail sentence while getting assistance in education, child care and housing.

Dallas may be the first, but over 200 law enforcement agencies across America and Canada attended the National Prostitution Diversion Conference in November last year.  With Dallas success will come more and more examples to follow across North America.  Hopefully, it will catch on world wide.

An added benefit is that the prostitutes who are grateful for being offered rehab in lieu of jail are offering law enforcement officials information that helps them solve local crimes.  It’s a win-win situation.  Small solutions like this are what we need to keep turning this world around.

The fact of the matter is that 95% of the world is made up of law abiding citizens who just want to be able to get through the day with as little hassle as possible.  Only 5% make up the aggressive trouble makers of the world.  Those 5% can at times gain influence over some of the 95% and make crime seem like a grey area, where the ends justifies the means.

With effective forgiving solutions like rehabilitating prostitutes, we can keep the 95% on the right track while putting the 5% behind bars where they truly belong.  That’s the perfect win-win.

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A River in the Ocean

Michael Allen A River in the Ocean
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A River in The Ocean is the story of a father and a daughter who get separated by a tragic accident. The father wakes up from a coma unaware he has a daughter while she has been raised for years by an odd couple who have great intentions, but no idea what they are doing. He begins to feel something is missing in his life while she begins to feel she is out of place. He didn’t know he was looking and she didn’t know she needed found.

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