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Simone Biles Is Not Being Scored Accurately…On Purpose

Simone Biles has worked hard all her life to get to where she is and she is dominant in the sport. But she is not getting rewarded accurately in points the way she should.

The International Gymnastics Federation has all but confirmed that her scoring doesn’t quite reflect how dominant she is in the sport and they even have excuses for it.

One, it’s a safety issue. If they scored her accurately for the skill level she is on, it would encourage other gymnasts to try her dangerous moves. Some of which have been named after her for that very reason.

Two, scoring her the way they have keeps the competition close and keeps her from running off with high scores way above the other competitors. This is just like the Participation Trophy practice that started around the 80s to encourage kids to play.

Gymnasts don’t need to be encouraged to do gymnastics. They already want it. They’re out there doing it. What they need is to score everyone based on their skill level.

It’s like telling Tom Brady to only throw two touchdown passes per game.
Or like telling Serena Williams to keep her serves below 100 mph.
Or it’s just like telling me to shut up and let other people talk.

In what other sport do we tell the athletes to play at a lower level so that the others don’t look so bad? Actually, it’s like shaving points off of Stephen Curry’s three-pointers because he makes so many.

It goes against everything the Olympics and the world of sports is about. Give Simone the scores she deserves and let the rest of the gymnasts worry about trying to get to her level.

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