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This Graduate Got What She Wanted And Then She Made The Best Scene Ever

This student demonstrates the feelings many students have after working their way through high school. They don’t need the formality. Just give them the degree. They don’t even want to see the school anymore.

After a few years, it feels good to go back and see the school. But on graduation, it’s a wrap. Get them out of there as fast as possible. They have celebrations they want to get on with. They have lives to get back to. Some of them have to go straight from graduation to work and it would be nice to just get the formalities over with as soon as possible.

The problem is that the administration has to pat themselves on the back. Expect an hour or two for a graduation ceremony. And that is not including when they want to show up so that they can make a bigger deal out of it than they have to. They’ll tell you where to stand, how the line is going to form, how to shake hands, and how to grab the degree. They might even walk you through it once or twice to make sure you know how to walk behind someone in line. I mean, you’re getting a diploma for graduating high school. But, you still need instruction on following someone in line.

Then, they have to seat everyone and delay. They make an announcement and then delay. It’s all about them and you can imagine the debacle they are going to make out of it so that they can crank up all the praise they can get that day before they go home for the summer and do it all over again the following year.

This student blows all that off and it’s hilarious. If she only knew that what she was handed on stage was just a rolled up piece of paper, she might not have gone to the graduation to begin with. It’s not a requirement to be at the ceremony no matter how much of a guilt trip the administration puts on you. And everyone gets their degree through the mail.

She didn’t have to go at all…

Here’s the real story behind the walkout though. Her name is Tayler Michelle Gray and she’s been hustling while at school. She took nursing assistant classes at the Lehigh Career and Technical Institute while taking online classes with Parkland High School to get her high school diploma.

Meet Tayler

tayler grey
She aspires to be an ultrasound technician. She currently has a job at a rehabilitation center for seniors. The only thing she needed to move on with her career was that diploma that bridges the gap. So, she went to the ceremony to get it.

In Her Health Uniform

Tayler Michelle Gray
But, that’s all she needed. She is on her way and she don’t need anymore of some high school pompous crap. Who can’t relate? So, she didn’t stick around for the rest…

She Got What She Worked For And Left

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