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Sexy Body Art At Its Absolute Finest

When it comes to art, it can be amazing. Some artists just have a knack for creating the most interesting visuals imaginable. But body art has a particularly interesting appeal. These gorgeous models volunteered to be the subject and they all turned out great.

I’m One With A Tree

body art

What A World! What A World! I’m Melting…

body art

You can see the world and pick the next place you want to visit.

body art atlas girl

The Hottest Alien I’ve Ever Seen
body art blue avatar

Sports Girls Are The Best! Hands down!
body art sports girls

The Desert Portrait Body Art
body art desert

The Body Art Enchantress. She Has Me Under Her Spell.
body art enchantress

Eve And The Forbidden Fruit. Always A Topic For Discussion.
body art eve

Some Nice Floral Body Art
body art floral

Here Comes A Few Freaky Faces For The Collection…
body art funky face

Just A Slight Tweak And You Can Freak Everyone Out
body art freaky faces

Jean Grey! This Looks Too Perfect To Be True.
body art jean grey

Some Wild Nature Never Hurt Anyone
body art nature wild

The Night Sky Never Looked Better
body art night sky

Nice Contour. Flows Perfectly From One End To The Other.
body art picture frame

You’ve Got To Love The Heroes
body art spider girl

This One Is Freaky
body art picture face

I Saved The Best For Last
body art American flag

I know you want to try some body art now. It can be fun to paint your body any way you want, and then show it off for the whole world to see. You know Instagram will love it. That’s all they do over there is take awesome pictures of themselves and share them.

What would you want me to paint myself if I were to try it? I know I could get away with doing a pumpkin or the whole earth. But enough jokes. Stop laughing. It wasn’t that funny.

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