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Scranton Gets An Actual Life-Sized Dundie From ‘The Office’

If you watched The Office years ago or are just getting into it now because of NBC’s streaming service Peacock, then you know about the Dundie Awards. Michael Scott made a big deal about them and if anyone actually cared, the crew would have noticed they were having a good time.

Remember the one when Pam got drunk. Drunk Pam is a riot. The manager overreacted and banned her from that Chili’s, but she had a blast. That’s the spirit of the Dundies. They are for sharing laughs if Michael would just stop telling jokes, or perhaps hire a better writer so that he could make the laughs that they are supposed to be sharing.

If you’re a fan of the show, you know how genius it is. There are different kinds of comedy. From slapstick to highly sophisticated thinkers, The Office delivered for nine seasons. We watched Dwight go from a brown-nosing assistant to the manager to an actual human being Jim could get along with. Jim and Pam went from friends who didn’t know they liked each other to a married couple with kids and marriage issues.

Management went from Michael to Robert California to Andy Bernard and finally Dwight, with a few other stops along the way. Ryan went from an intern to Michael’s boss and a total jerk, but fought his way back into the company and remained somewhat humble for the duration. We watched the characters and the company go through so many changes that we became family and it felt like a real loss when the show ended.

But Peacock has brought it back for us and I’m loving it a second time. That’s where the Dundies come in. Scranton, Pennsylvania is the setting of the show and it’s only right that Scranton be awarded a Dundie itself. That’s exactly what Peacock did. They awarded Scranton a life-sized Dundie Award and it’s about time. The city has deserved one for years.

The Award Presentation Clip

Bonus Clip Cut From The Show: Jim and Pam Drunk

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