Scientists Have Conducted A Study To Prove Whether Or Not Cinderella Could Have Danced In Her Glass Slippers

Scientists decided to conduct a study that will have such an impact on us all. It hasn’t really been up for debate until now. But, the scientist found something they thought of as odd in the world and wanted to study its probability.

In the story of Cinderella, she wears glass slippers to the ball. Is it possible? Would the glass slippers have been comfortable and wouldn’t they have shattered? This is what troubled these scientists so they did a study to find their answers.

Suspend the fact that this is fiction. Don’t worry about the idea that this a fairy tale about the most beautiful girl in town being subordinate to her ugly sisters and being treated like crap by her stepmom. It’s not important that it’s a totally made up story with talking animals that help her do chores. The scientists weren’t concerned about that or how a pumpkin becomes a chariot. All they wanted to know was if the slippers would have shattered while she danced.

Does it seem like a worthwhile project? Would it matter if Cinderella couldn’t dance in the glass slippers? I would like to know who funded this study. Hopefully, it came from private money and I have no right to complain that it was a total waste of time.

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