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S.Perrion Pushing Forward In The Music Industry With ‘The Truth’

It’s hard to find the truth these days. So many people want to shower us with false stories of how great their lives are or hit us with an exaggerated tale of some amazing transformation that if we dig into the facts of it, they basically got their act together and moved out of their parent’s home. It’s refreshing to get the truth and that’s what S.Perrion is putting out there.

His latest single “The Truth” is the real story of struggle, one most of us can relate to. He’s had success but it has also come with pain and loss. It’s particularly hard to lose people in our lives. Each one deserves a song of their own.

S.Perrion is from Manchester as he proudly claims the 603. That’s a thing now. People claiming their area code is a special sort of pride that not everyone can do. I can claim 301 and 540 but they don’t have the same energy. Not to put anyone down from those area codes but honestly, if someone ripped out 301 or 540 in a song, everyone from those parts would most likely shake their heads and ask, “Why?”

I like the things that motivate S.Perrion. He and I have some of the same priorities. Family is very important to him. Also, he tries to make progress every day. Doing something that makes himself better is a goal that I can stand behind. I try to do that myself.

I know he’ll make it in this industry because if you hear him, you’ll understand why. He not only spits words that are meaningful but he has a command of the music and people respond positively to that.

I’ve said enough to introduce the man. You’re probably dying to hear what I’m talking about. So, here it is…

“The Truth” Prod. By Mr.Goodbars (Official Music Video)

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