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‘Red Tide’ Moves Forward With Native Wellz At The Helm

We’ve been through a lot on this one. Red Tide was going forward in 2020, but then COVID stood in its way. But, that didn’t back Native Wellz down.

Why would it? This is a man who played NFL for Washington and Tampa Bay. He’s an award-winning recording artist. Native Wellz doesn’t know how to stop for anything.

And now, he has Michael Allen, that would be me, backing him on this series that will rock the world. It’s a great story about a drug dealer who owns a club and his brother is the detective trying to put him back in prison. The pilot we wrote has the action and the suspense that a good series needs. But, there’s more…

Syriahnne Parker

Syriahnne Parker has signed on with Red Tide. She has been acting since she was 16 years old. She comes from Rockville, Maryland which will have all my hillbillies up that way excited to see her in our show. She now resides in Tampa, Florida where she watched Tom Brady lead the Buccs to a Super Bowl last year. And one very important tidbit about her is that she played the role of Dorothy in The Wiz. That’s right! That was her.

But wait! There’s more…

Emmanuel Akah

Manny has also signed on to play the role of London. He was born on February 8, 1979, and is a British-American offensive lineman who is currently a free agent in the NFL. He and Native Wellz have a lot in common. Tell me they don’t look a lot alike. He played college football for the State University of New York at Canton and Winston-Salem State University.

Native Wellz

Native Wellz is moving forward and the team is moving with him. Red Tide is a story that was meant to be told and it will. We start filming in February and I have been invited to be a co-writer on the set. After assisting Native in writing the pilot, I was hoping to be on set and they’ve allowed this loud-mouthed obnoxious soul to grace their presence while history is being made. Stay tuned for more about the saga that will one day grace your screen and give you another story to binge.

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