Random Thoughts from the Air

imageI took a flight from Florida to Maryland to see some family and friends I left behind when I started this new leg of my life. See what I just did there? Anyway, I was seated between two readers. As a writer myself, by all means I love readers. So, read away!

With no hopes of conversation, I turned my computer on to see what I could find on the internet and immediately saw that my battery was low. It didn’t matter anyway because they charge for internet service and for only a few hours of connection, it costs pretty close to what I pay a month.

So, the laptop goes back in its bag and the next thing I think to do is connect to the internet with my phone. No signal at that altitude. I’m left with only two choices, sleep or think. Well, sleeping wasn’t really an option. In that human mail tube they call a plane, it’s really impossible to sleep unless you are extremely tired. So left with my thoughts, I thought I’d share:

In No Particular Order

Why don’t we load planes from back to front? Don’t you think that could save us all the headache? I know my knees would appreciate it.

Now I know why they invented cargo shorts…they’re perfect for airplanes, especially the tuna can I flew. Three people were seated in an area that I would normally take up myself. Having my wallet in my cargo pocket was a relief when they asked me if I wanted something the drink. I took two.

If I were traveling at fifty miles an hour and I threw a ball at fifty miles an hour opposite the direction of travel, would it fall straight to the ground? If I threw it in the direction of travel, would it go twice as fast or would it come back and hit me square in the face?

I thought about when I was in the airport. I stood in front of the urinal, it flushed itself. I put my hands in the sink, the water ran itself. I put my hands under the dryer to have them dried for me. I can go from one end of the airport to another without moving. If we keep making the world so automated, soon we won’t need any people in it.

Then of course, as always, deeper thoughts overcame me…

Upon the death of a friend, he will be missed. He truly lived. He attacked everything he did with such vigor. He woke up in the morning and got ready like he was doing an audition for the world.

He came to see me recently. I put him up in my spare bedroom. I woke up those mornings to hear a man who would hum to himself while getting ready for the day. He was a guy who dressed to the tee to go to the beach.

Our talks whether in person or on the phone were always small lessons about life. We had a thing we would say that I will share with you now. Embrace the struggle! We had struggled together at an earlier time in our lives.

I went on to write my first book. He went on to be a very in-demand car salesman who toured the country to promote sales. Both of us had struggled at one time, but we made it through. We said it back then. But, it made more sense to us in this stage of our lives.

He was content. He was going to propose to his girlfriend. He said that he wanted to be comfortable when he did it. He needed to be in the place where he is most relaxed. So, he was going to light candles and propose to her while he sat on the toilet.

I died laughing. I can still remember hearing his laugh. I’m sure my friend would agree when I say, there’s no reason to be afraid of dying. Don’t worry about death. Just make sure you do some living first.

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