Psycho Murderer Takes Hunt To New Level In ‘Joker Joker Deuce’

psycho murderer

Denise has innocently found her way into his radar and she doesn’t even know it. A psycho murderer has no business roaming free in this world but this is how they get away with it for so long.

She’s innocently reading a book in the student center on campus at Bridgeport University and has no idea that a stalker has entered the room. He finds a place to stage himself but he’s watching her every move. She doesn’t feel the vibe of his prying eyes but her night is about to become a miserable nightmare. Why? Why does he do it?

psycho murderer

How was this psycho murderer created? That’s the part of the story that hasn’t been revealed yet. We’ve been given one glimpse into his childhood where his mother is getting ready to go out on a date. She’s trying to look the best she can and she’s talking about her date as if she has already married him. Of course, the young man is starving for a daddy and his mother wants to give him one. But it’s too soon in that relationship to even talk about those things.

Jeph doesn’t understand that. He’s too young to get that it makes his mother look desparate, and that’s the only glimpse we have into his past. What we know about him is he’s a loner who works in a subshop and he’s virtually invisible as everyone around him ignores him until he breaks the ice with an introduction. That’s when they look at him confused, wondering where he came from even though he’s been there all along.

psycho murderer

It’s the book about a serial killer who stalks his victims using technology to know where they are and what they’re doing. Call it a flaw with social media but people don’t need to know this much stuff about each other. All that information is just the perfect data for professional thieves, scam artists, and psycho murderer loners like Jeph.

It’s the story developing chapter by chapter on Patreon that you can start reading now. After that, it will be released in print, ebook, and audio. But you can start reading it now. The last chapter is scheduled to be posted by the end of this month and then the publishing process will begins.

Read an excerpt! Or go straight to it, Joker Joker Deuce on Patreon.

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