The Pokemon Go Servers Went Down And Hackers Claim Responsibility

People all over the world lost their minds when the Hacker group OurMine claimed responsibility for taking the Pokemon Go app down. They said they did it to help the developers of the app resolve security issue. But, they posted on their site that the game won’t come back up until the developers contact the OurMine hackers about the issue.

That must be driving all those Pokemon Go players crazy. They are already nuts. Having to take a timeout must be driving them absolutely up a wall.

When you hear about a girl walking into the street and getting hit by a car, you wonder if Pokemon Go is worth it. Of course, the mom was blaming the game. I’m not putting the game down. I’m just saying if you’re going to play, watch where you’re going.

Guys have walked off of cliffs. One person ran into a music store. People are walking into walls and tripping over things. It’s a wonder people haven’t died yet.

But, the Pokemon Go players are still hardcore and now they have realized their worst nightmare. Mine would be more like getting a call from my ex, “You might want to get checked out for an STD. If you look into STD Testing Plus, they have everything you need.”

I mean, that would be a pretty scary nightmare. Putting down an app and taking a walk outside that did not include collecting imaginary creatures would not. Again, not putting the game down. It’s a good escape. There is some good that is coming out of it and more people are getting exercise. I’m just saying it wouldn’t be a nightmare.

An Example Of How Nuts It Can Get

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