P!NK Stirs The Passion In All Of Us To Change The F#$%&@! World

P!nk knows how to inspire! Awarded with the People’s Champion Award, she used her speech to encourage kids to, “Change the [beeping] world!”

I’ve been a huge fan of P!nk since I heard “Don’t Let Me Get Me” almost twenty years ago. She has been nothing but awesome with other songs I like from “Perfect” to “Whatever You Want.” I could go on for days, but I’d rather just go on with this article.

What’s more is how she carries herself daily. It’s not just her music that blows me away, but she is who she says she is. When Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs about a decade ago, P!nk was the one who got up in his face and told him all about himself. You should search for that on Youtube and look at the faces of the people around them. It’s awesome!

That’s P!nk! She’s not all talk. She’s an activist who became an ambassador for UNICEF in 2015. She supports many foundations around the world that fight for peace and justice, human rights, the protection of animals, and mostly for children…as you’ll hear in her speech. She really is about the future of the world.

For these reasons as well as many others, she received the People’s Champion Award and in a few effective words, she brought the house down. It’s not an exaggeration to say that there were tears in some people’s eyes. You’ll just have to hear it for yourself. It will do you some good, so here it is:

P!NK’s Inspirational Speech

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