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Pete Davidson Is Burning Kim Kardashian Out

I can just see steam coming out of Kanye West’s ears. Headlines across the internet are blowing up about Pete Davidson demanding nonstop sex from Kim Kardashian.

West could be getting punked. Those headlines could be a leak from the couple just to blow his mind. I wouldn’t put it past Pete Davidson. The comedian has put up with a lot of crap from the rapper and this just might be his way of fighting back. To rip the heart out of the competition is one way to stomp them into silence.

Pete Davidson

Or it could be the way to poke the lion into beating that @$$!

I don’t see Pete Davidson being too scared though. He’s not sweating Kanye that much as he takes it all with a smile and laughs with everyone else. If he’s anything like the semi-real character he portrayed in The King of Staten Island, he’s taking it all in stride.

But, damn! I mean, damn! Did we really have to read those headlines too?

Pete Davidson

I can imagine every time Pete Davidson sees Kim Kardashian in the morning, he might want to go at it. And at night after the day is over, he might want to go at it again. And every time he sees her changing her clothes. Or when she’s tanning by the pool. Or when she’s drinking a cup of coffee at the dining room table. Or when she bends over. Or when she breathes.

I seriously can see him constantly wanting her throughout the day. That’s not the issue. No guy is questioning that. So, the issue is how can he go like that?

Pete Davidson

They started dating in October. I can imagine there was some hesitation at the beginning, but that’s because I’m old school. Those bunny rabbits might have gotten into it on the second or third date. Either way, they’ve been together for about five months.

You go, Pete! Nothing but love for you. If Kim Kardashian can’t keep up with you, you ARE the damn King of Staten Island.

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