Naruto monkey selfie
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PETA Loses Copyright Case Over Monkey Selfie Taken By Naruto

This selfie was actually the subject of a court case. PETA filed the lawsuit because they said the monkey took the picture, so the monkey gets the copyright. The photograph would have been credited to the monkey named Naruto.

I’m not sure what PETA thought Naruto was going to do with it. Run around the jungle showing off his picture? Save the money for retirement?

Can you imagine lawyers in a room talking about this case seriously. “Yeah, I think we have a case. The monkey deserves to own the copyright. All we have to do is get the monkey’s name. Does anyone have any connections in the jungle so we can track down that monkey?”

PETA thought they were going to get control of the financial interests if they won the case. Imagine that! It wasn’t about setting the record straight on giving Naruto copyright. It was about transferring the income of the photo from the photographer to the organization. Naruto would not have benefited one bit from the court decision.

For a company that claims to protect animals from exploitation, this case makes PETA look like they aren’t above it either. I’m glad a judge had common sense to rule against them. The photographer who owned the camera owns the copyright.

Sorry Naruto! It is a good shot!

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