Peace within, never without!

Within tears, find a hidden laughter; seek treasure amid ruins, sincere one. ~ Mathnawi

The toughest lessons in life to learn are the ones that are within. For so many of us, what we see is all there is. But, what of the things that we cannot see? Or the things that we aren’t aware of yet? We now know that water was once on Mars and based on James A. Michener’s account in Hawaii, water is an invaluable force in bringing about and sustaining life. Aliens? I’m not a Trekky, haven’t even checked out either of the last three Star Wars movies, never spotted a UFO and I really think aliens would pass us by if they ever came our way. But, they could exist. How arrogant do I have to be to think that this entire universe was created for only us, a few million people who mindlessly are working toward destroying themselves rather than improving, the thing we all play lip service over.

And, if life exists here on earth from the beginnings of something that was hardly ever organized or motivated, why couldn’t there be an alternative world where spirits and angels might roam? Even if you believe in evolution, two pellets being fired at each other on an angle from a distance of let’s say a hundred feet are highly improbable to hit. The laws of the universe tell us that things naturally come to rest without a motivating factor. I could go on with many points to ponder, but my point is that even if the earth somehow found a way to pull itself together and spawn life according to the arguments of evolution, it is still rather magical and mysterious. To take that great leap of faith, to dream that far out of this world, why couldn’t a spiritual world exist as well? Who knows, the doctrines of religions and the arguments of evolution might be able to find a way to merge.

So, what of this world we live in now? What hidden laughter or what treasures can be found when wars upon wars are being fought, explosions of nature’s workings carelessly taking people’s lives, murders on the streets, constant death and corruption of our kids…the discontinuation of Friends? There is no easy answer. In fact, it is a lifetime of finding. You will forever be in finding. So, will I. Find comfort in the fact that you are not the only one to work, worry, sweat and toil over what is going on in this world, what is the meaning of life, where do I fit into all this. Find comfort in the fact that we are all experiencing these things, going through them, being effected by them in some way. Find comfort in yourself. Peace within, never without! It might be all I can offer you at this point to ease your pain, still your confusion. But, if you give it thought, it is enough.

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