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Party Crashers at the White House

Ah, that line from the Star Spangled Banner,

“Bombs bursting in air…”

whitehousecrashers That may be because the Secret Service seems to be just letting anyone in the White House these days.  Can you imagine?

In this day and age, with everything going on in the world, and we let people just walk on in to what should be the most heavily guarded house in America.  Tareq and Michaele Salahi seemed to have made it in, but were never seated.  I guess that’s because they weren’t on the guest list.  And here’s the kicker:

The agency who allowed this infraction, the Secret Service, is investigating how it might have happened.  They are doing the investigation.  They can’t keep a simple couple out of the White House, but we’re going to let them take care of the investigation.

And look at them!  They’re not in ninja outfits.  They don’t have ski masks.  They’re not invisible either.  I mean, that lady is a looker.  You would think she might have caught someone’s attention as she penetrated the seventeen levels of security that are supposed to be awake as you gander onto the property and make your way through the house and on over to the South Lawn.

Officials say that one checkpoint didn’t follow proper procedures.  Ok!  That’s fine!  Baaad checkpoint!  But, what about the others?

I’ve heard the couple are aspiring reality television show stars.  Well, with Kate and 8, The Hills and the plethora of other utter nothingness that fills the airwaves, I see a contract.  I mean, for real, I’d like to meet them and ask them where they got their balls!

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